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Journal Articles

Prowse, Gwen, Vesla M. Weaver, and Tracey L. Meares. 2019. “The State from Below: Distorted Responsiveness in Policed Communities.” Urban Affairs Review.

Weaver, Vesla M., Gwen Prowse, and Spencer Piston. 2019. “Too Much Knowledge, Too Little Power: An Assessment of Political Knowledge in Highly Policed Communities.” The Journal of Politics.

Weaver, Vesla M., Gwen Prowse, and Spencer Piston. 2020. “Withdrawing or Drawing In? Political Discourse in Policed Communities.” Journal of Race, Ethnicity and Politics 5, no. 3: 604-647.

Weaver, Vesla M. and Gwen Prowse. 2020. “Racial Authoritarianism in U.S. Democracy.” Science. Policy Forum. 269:6508. pp. 1176-1178. Full text.

Meares, Tracey L. and Gwen Prowse. 2021. "Policing as a Public Good: Reflecting on the Term 'To Protect and Serve' As Dialogues of Abolition." Forthcoming, Florida Law Review. Pre-print.

Chaudhary, Mihir, Gwen Prowse, and Vesla M. Weaver. 2021. A People's Abolition: How policed communities describe and enact liberatory futures. Social Science Quarterly, 102(7), 3058-3072.


Prowse, G., & Goff, P. A. (in press). Why seeing the big picture in the study of public safety is necessary for combating racism within in. In D. DeMatteo & K. C. Scherr (Eds), The Oxford handbook of psychology and law. Oxford University Press.

Public Scholarship

  • Interview for Barnard’s ThirdSpace@SPARK on Community Safety. link.

  • “How a 50-year-old report predicted America’s current racial reckoning.” 24 June 2020. (with Vesla Weaver). link.

  • “We listened to highly policed communities and here’s what we learned.” 17 June 2020. Washington Post: The Monkey Cage (with Vesla Weaver). link.

  • “The ‘abolish the police’ movement explained by 7 scholars and activists.” 12 June 2020. link.

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